In the most recent motoring awards ceremony, it was Audi who picked up the prestigious ‘Most Innovative Premium Brand’ award. The Centre of Automotive Management (CAM) has just completed its fifth awards ceremony and this time, it was Audi who pinched one of the most coveted awards available.

Audi-is-the-Most-Innovative-Premium-BrandThe awards ceremony has 1,400 innovative entries from 50 brands and 20 different manufacturers. There is then, a fair amount of competition in multiple categories so; the awards are not to be received lightly. To collect the award, Audi beat of fierce competition from Mercedes-Benz who finished second and, BMW who came in third.

Audi also managed to pick up two other awards by winning the most ‘Connected Car’ and the best ‘Vehicle Concept/Body’. But, it must also be mentioned that in addition to the three awards picked up, Audi also finished second in two other categories, being the best ‘Conventional Drive’ and best ‘Alternative Drive’. The German car manufacturer’s luxury crossover SUV, the Q7, also finished third in the “Innovation Strongest Model” category. Overall, Audi finished second as Volkswagen managed to grab four awards on the night. With the awards handed out, what the CAM awards really tell us is that the future of the Volkswagen group really does look bright even after their recent turbulence.

Innovation in this age is important for all automotive manufacturers and Audi’s drive to compete is most certainly paying off. Audi have, and will always strive for excellence and these awards are most certainly creating a fiercer competition than ever before. A statement released by Audi’s Dr. Stefan Knirsch, (Member of Audi’s Management for Technical Development) noted that Audi see the awards as ‘both praise and motivation for our team’ and that they seek to ‘continuously to maintain our ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’.’

We expect more and more innovation as this is what is expected of Audi in the modern day. At Servicing Stop, we believe that Audi for their most recent vehicles and concepts, deserve the ‘Most Innovative Premium Brand’ award and hope that this spurs the company to reach for even higher levels of premium innovation.