There are 20 Audi A1 e-tron electric cars are being prepared for road tests in March.

They will be tested in Munich. Universität München (TUM), ON, Stadtwerke München and Technische are all involved in the upcoming trails. E.ON and SWM’s input will be to maintain and expand the infrastructure and surroundings of the Munich metropolitan area where the tests will be taking place.

Franciscus van Meel, the Head of Mobility Strategy at Audi stated that many different angles are being looked at to meet customer’s needs. He said

“Audi works relentlessly on comprehensive approaches which maximize benefits to customers. In this era of electric mobility, we will offer our customers a wide range of services which go beyond driving itself. For example, the networking of vehicles with their surroundings and with infrastructure as well as new concepts of mobility will be important,”

He went to add that Audi would like to research and get a better understanding of customer’s usage of electric cars.

“We want to use this fleet trial to learn more about our customers’ usage of electric cars, and their expectations in this regard. We are planning additional fleet endeavours in strategically important markets.”

The Audi A1 e-tron will come with a range extender. This means that when the car is out of energy, the range extender which comes in form of a small internal combustion engine can extend the drive to 155 miles. Its’ battery package is a set of lithium-ion modules which are placed on the rear axle.

The car will not emit any C02 for the first 31 miles of a typical trip. Overall the car emits just 45g/km.

It will be able to output 75 kW and will contain 102 BHP. It can reach a top speed of 80.78 MPH which is quite a considerable statistics considering the category in which the car is placed.

The Audi A1 e-tron is designed for city driving. This means it is very environmentally friendly and easy to manoeuvre around tight spaces, considering its small size. Petrol prices are continually on the rise. Being electric, the car will adapt to driver needs as many are looking to save on the cost of running a car.