Exactly what it says on the tin, Audi rejuvenated some of their cars within their current line-ups into “cooler” black versions.

The models in question are the A3, A4, A5 and the TT. Black versions of the car will be distinctive in terms of the styling and extra features added. Tinted glass windows along with an overall “Black styling package” will integrated throughout the range.

What’s so special about them? Simply put they look sleek and expensive. Black edition Audi’s come with extra alluring features, making the car even more attractive. Customers may be paying more but the distinctiveness of the car certainly makes up for the extra price tag.

All different models have various features installed making them all unique editions. We inspect every Black Edition car that Audi has to offer. The variants of each model as well as their individual features will be closely looked at.

Audi Black A3 features

Models available: Sportback Black Edition

  • S3 Black Edition
  • S3 Sportback Black Edition

There will be a Bluetooth interface along with a BOSE premium sound system and a sports inspired steering wheel with multiple different functions inside. There will be specially designed Xenon Plus headlights and 18 inch alloys wheels on the exterior.

Audi Black A4 features

Models available:

  • Saloon Black Edition
  • Avant Black Edition

The A4 comes with 19 inch wheels that have a titanium finish. The sound system is made by Bang & Olufsen with a DAB digital radio too. There is also a parking assistant piece of technology.

Audi Black A5 features

Models available:

  • Saloon Black Edition
  • Avant Black Edition

Like the A4, the A5 has a Bang & Olufsen sound system along with 19 inch wheels. There is also a Bluetooth integrated system where drivers will be able to their phone calls while driving.

Audi Black TT Black features

Models available:

  • Coupe Black Edition
  • Roadster Black Edition
  • TTS Coupe Black Edition
  • TTS Roadster Black Edition

The Audi TT has 19 inch alloys with a Bose sound system that is also a surround sound system. iPod’s can be attached and also listen to a symphony radio.