Audi took part in the Urban Future event hosted in Miami from the 30th November until November the 4th.

The roads of tomorrow

The event allowed visitors experience a whole new way of transportation based on conceptual projects. They are based on future theories of the road infrastructure and transportation.

Audi made their mark at the event. They joined forces with BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, an architectural company in developing a digital street. Viewers will be able to see what how cars will communicate with environs in form of the Audi A2 concept electric car.

Ultimately, the streets portrayed at the event communicate with vehicles, pedestrians and travellers.


The BIG owner Bjarke Ingels said how he thought roads would change in the future and how cars will adapt.  He said “If I imagine a city in 25 years’ time, the vertical facades appear unchanged, but the roadway has become a digitally programmable surface. Fixed elements such as carriageways, sidewalks or city squares no longer exist.”

“The digital surfaces can be adapted to all road users and in this way control the traffic. On one single day, the street can change many times: from pedestrian area to highway, from city square to meadow.”


The Audi AG Marketing and Sales Manager Peter Schwarzenbauer said that how opportunities would arise from future Urban spaces.

“The installation allows the visitor to experience the vision of a connected future. It answers one of the most fascinating questions of the Audi Urban Future Award in spatial terms,”

“It gives a living impression of how networking might appear in the city of the future and of how new opportunities for intelligent use of urban space might arise.”


Design Miami

Marianne Goebl, the Director of Design Miami praised Audi’s and BIG’s “inspiring” partnership.

“Our long-term partner Audi has always used Design Miami/ as a platform to explore challenging issues in contemporary design.” He added”Audi’s collaboration with BIG projects us into a future where urban design and architecture interplay to create a flexible programmable environment. It is an inspiring contribution to Design Miami’s ongoing exploration of the inextricable connection between these creative fields.”

Audi is exploring new avenues in terms of road technology. It is certainly an interesting piece of news that will capture the imaginations of many.