Earlier this summer Audi had won two prestigious awards. Auto Express, the well reputable car magazine and website named the Audi A6 Saloon as the Best Executive Saloon and the Audi A1 as the Best Premium Supermini.

The Audi A1

It’s not the first time this year that the Audi A1 has scooped a prize, in fact it was the tenth of the year. After just 12 months after it’s release, the car is turning out to be one the best sellers within the range. It was considered a brave decision by the company to enter the city car market, one which was completely new to them. It has certainly paid off.

Not that much of a surprise?

Audi cars are more widely known for their luxury, quality, power and elegance. It would seem that they somehow managed to roll of that into one, and create a tremendous city car in form of the Audi A1. It is also quite a reasonably priced vehicle too.

Why has it been so successful? Our review earlier this month highlighted some of its best features. Below we look back at why it has been such a great car.

A fantastic range offered

The performance and handling of the vehicle was in particular a strong asset. There are three engines to suit every driver along with a fantastically agile car, which really comes in handy when driving in the city.

Excellent economical and environmental value

The car keeps its value quite well over the years. The futuristic technology of start/stop, which seems to part of most car manufacturer’s push for efficiency nowadays, is included.  The diesel version of the car will achieve a phenomenal 70.6mpg, with the other two petrol versions achieving 54.3mpg and 55.4mpg respectively.

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The Audi A6

We predicted that the Audi A6 would have a “huge impact” when released. It certainly hasn’t let anyone down and the Auto Express award was a great testament to that. We look at some of the features that may have attributed towards the car winning the award.

The look of the car

The car looks elegant, classy and sporty all at the same time. The front grill blends in superbly with the vents surrounding the fog lights complimenting it. In typical Audi style, every angle of the car gives away the feeling of it being quite expensive. It would be hard to find someone who is not proud to drive a car that is designed like the Audi A6.


The car boasts plenty of safety equipment including six air bags, stability and traction control. Innovative technology is also available as extras such as the car warning of blind sports as well as when the car strays out of lane.