The Audi A3 has topped a List for Vehicles with the Biggest Fuel Economy Improvements, derived by Overall industry standards in terms of fuel efficiency have improved by 16.4 per cent. reported that the Audi A3 has made most improvement in terms of fuel economy more than all other vehicles in North America.

According to the statistics, the A3’s fuel economy has increased by 38.5 per cent from its last generation in 2008. The 2008 model recorded 21 MPG whereas the latest one hits 29.1 MPG.

The Chevrolet Equinox was in second place with a 32 per cent improvement on fuel economy since the car’s last model four years ago.

Car manufacturers responding

An analyst from, Ivan Durry has said that car manufacturers are responded well to rising fuel costs. “The 2008 spike in gas prices served as a wakeup call for manufacturers whose fleets just weren’t cutting it for consumers who were demanding vehicles with better fuel economy. Automakers responded by de-emphasizing fuel-chugging V6 and V8 engines and turning their focus to fuel-sipping four-cylinder and diesel engines.”

Top ten models with the most improved fuel efficiency

Position Make 2012 MPG Rating 2008 MPG Rating MPG Improvement
1 Audi A3 29.1 21.0 38.5 per cent
2 Chevrolet Equinox 25.1 19.0 32 per cent
3 Kia Sorento 22.2 17.0 30.4 per cent
4 Dodge Challenger 19.5 15.0 30.3 per cent
5 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class 23.0 17.9 28.3 per cent
6 Ford Explorer 19.5 15.4 27 per cent
7 Hyundai Sonata 27.7 22.0 25.8 per cent
8 Porsche Cayenne 18.3 14.7 24.8 per cent
9 Buick LaCrosse 26.0 20.9 24.1 per cent
10 Volkswagen Passat 27.0 21.8 23.7 per cent

Four cylinder engines

The data shows that customers are swaying towards that of four cylinder engine more. These specific types of engines seemingly offer a better MPG savings customers money. At the same time the engines can be catered to produce a very decent amount of power and performance, near enough the perfect balance. Back in 2008 36.7 per cent of all cars had four cylinder engines under the bonnet. That figure now increased to a brilliant 44.4 per cent.

This list is sure to grab the attention of many motorists within the country. Fuel prices are on the rise and many do not want to want compromise the performance of their vehicles. The list above has some great choices in that respect.