Audi have developed a new type of engine. It works by using “cylinders on demand”. It is expected to be placed on the new Audi S, S7 Sportback and S8 which will be released early next year in Britain

Is it really a “new” technology?

This type of Audi engine is a new type of technology according to the German manufacturers. However the technology is said to have been used by another German car giant, Mercedes-Benz. Around 15 years ago, Mercedes-Benz developed it and sources have said that it will be placed in their new 5.5 Litre V8. Is the technology that much different between the two?

How will it work?

The engine will effectively convert to a V8 when the car is being driven with great acceleration and performance purposes. The cylinder deactivation or “shut off” will be applied when the Audi driver is cruising, making it a V4 engine car.

There has been some technical information released about the engine as to how it will work. It has been stated that the camshaft will be changed to different profiles in order to suit the engines current status. This means that the car will run as a four cylinder if the engine reads that there is minimal effort needed to push the vehicle.

The new Audi engine will not only save money on fuel bills and save pollution to the environment, but also reduce on the kerb weight of the car too. It is a very innovative and at the same time interesting development from Audi.

Developing an engine of two halves that literally transform itself from one to another is nothing short of remarkable. It will surely enhance the reputation of the company and be placed upon other models within the Audi range in the future.

What about 10 and 12 cylinder engines?

Despite the recent news of the Audi’s new engine technology, the company have stated that 10 and 12 cylinder engines are still very much in their plans for the future.

Stole the show

The revelation has been one of the highlights of this month’s Frankfurt Motor Show so far. Audi’s new technology may have deflected attention away from the outstanding cars it has on show. One thing is sure, the new Audi engine has certainly surprised many people and is also welcoming news within the automotive industry.