Audi have recently given a sneak peak at the future of light technology upon their models. Audi will use the likes of lasers amongst other highly advanced features. Audi Service is essential to have optimum performance.

How the OLED system works

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes. They are more advanced than today’s LED lights as they are formed through organic materials rather than semiconductor crystals. Audi have already showcased the technology upon the Audi A2 concept vehicle which had a strip of OLED lights connected through the car’s headlights and tail lights. Uniquely, the car strip lights up with the colour blue when the key holder of the car gets closer with the door handles also lighting up. The strip continues in a pulsating type of motion in order to act as a warning towards other road users.

Audi A2 concept

Rather than the typical car light systems of today whereby drivers largely adjust them manually, Audi are creating headlights which adapt to the surroundings. The intelligent headlights will contain an OLED swarm, which is the possibly the major talking point of the new headlights. What does it do? It transforms the rear of the vehicle into a major illuminated item whereby it is highly noticeable by other road users. According to some sources the rear of the car will resemble a “swarm of bees”. You will not be able to get any more noticeable than that. The red dots along the rear will light up in accordance to the car’s behaviour. When the car stems to the left, the left hand side of the flow of lights will light to the left hand side for example.

Wipe action indicators

Audi’s wipe action indicators are designed to be more noticeable than that of typical LED indicators. The indicators wipe from the inside outwards, performing a more advanced type of operation.

Matrix beam headlights

The matrix beam headlights utilise a camera, the car’s navigation system along with further sensors. This is a very clever piece of technology as the lights fade out according to a build up of traffic ahead. The lights also adapt to difficult weather conditions including the likes of rain and fog. If there is a pedestrian or road sign ahead, the matrix lights illuminate the object for safety reasons. If the oncoming vehicle is a car, the light cleverly travels around it.