There have been sketches leaked of what looks like the new generation Audi TT.

Great first impression

It has caused a storm within the automotive industry with many excited by the new look. Since it first arrived way back in 1998, it has been quite a magnificent vehicle in terms of offering spectacular design. Ever since the car’s look has improved to be made more attractive and dynamic.

The design isn’t the only attractive feature about the car. It’s wonderful performance on the road along with its pure power make the Audi TT one of the best sports car available on the market.

Could we see the car at the Tokyo Motor Show?

There are rumours that we could see the car later at this month’s Tokyo Motor Show. Ever since the rumour was first spread, interest in the annual motor show has increased by a significant amount, which is a testament to how popular the car is. If the car is showcased at the event, it is unknown as to whether it will be displayed as a concept car or whether it will be ready for production. The showcase of the Audi A1 Sportback already have the German luxury manufacturer headlines for the exhibition, but the new TT will further increase the companies profile if it is indeed to be showcased.

The third generation of the Audi TT is expected to maintain it’s all wheel drive system as well as the current engine.

Not a sketch of the Audi TT?

Some automotive experts have claimed that the sketch is not of the third generation Audi TT. It is in fact a sketch of the upcoming Audi R4. It clearly has a TT badge on the back of the car. Could this a clever ploy by Audi? Perhaps they are trying to divert attention away and make everyone believe that the sketch is indeed the new Audi TT when it turns out that it is the Audi R4. It may sound crazy but have suggested that Audi have those exact intentions.

Like many other automotive fans, we are very excited by what is to come from the Tokyo Motor Show, due to held on the 30th of November.

The new generation Audi TT, whenever it is released, is sure not to disappoint.