Stefan Sielaff joined Audi back in 1990 and secured the top design job. He recently gave an interesting interview to Wallpaper, a highly respected design website.

We take a look into some of his most interesting comments and the future of Audi’s design.

Self driving cars

When Mr Sielaff was asked about self driving cars, he responded by saying that the Audi A2 was indeed inspired by the concept of autonomous driving. In the future, cars would need to sync together on the road and give way for one another, allowing extra space for certain areas of the road such as near schools on urban streets.

Motorway driving would be easier for autonomous driving in that sense as there is always a constant flow of traffic.

He stated that although the car is self driven, the driver still has responsibility and the design should reflect that.

Will there be a brand new purely electric Audi?

Mr Sielaff has stated that he would like to design an electric car from scratch rather than adopt the same body from a typical fuelled vehicle. This would make the vehicle a wholly unique one and ensure that it is adaptable to the overall needs of an electric vehicle.

The Audi A2’s carbon fibre material

Carbon fibre has a tremendous amount of advantages for cars of the future. These include making them lighter and therefore more fuel efficient and friendlier to the environment.

As a designer, they can be fun to work with, according to Mr Sielaff. The material itself allows the use of sharper edges to be designed, something that isn’t necessarily possible with aluminium.

When it comes to production, carbon fibre proves to be more difficult to handle. The mass producing of cars with the material will prove to be too difficult at the moment according to Audi’s Head Designer.

Many more insights into the Audi’s design future were given in this interview. This includes how Audi plan to make their car extra light when it comes to production which will in effect counter the new BMW i Series. It must be said that the design of Audi cars and their individual components, especially their running daytime LED lights are truly spectacular.