The Audi R8 is set to go under a spectacular transformation with a newly installed carbon fibre chassis.

The iconic sports car is reported to be constructed with a mix of aluminium and carbon in the future rather than the current all-alloy frame. It goes to show how much Audi are always trying to improve the performance on their most indispensable asset within their line-up. But is it all worth it?

The demand of carbon fibre material to be used amongst cars is set to soar. The benefits include making the car lighter, adding to its performance, an attribute which the R8 bases itself upon. Audi themselves have said that the new proposed carbon fibre chassis will lower the vehicle’s weight by 100kg. It will naturally improve the car’s handling too and make it a lot more dynamic.

Although fuel efficiency isn’t on top of the agenda for owners of supercars, the new proposed material for the car will improve the amount of fuel the car uses. As the vehicle will be lighter, it requires less effort to move, meaning less fuel is consumed. The fact that there will be a lot less drag involved helps the car’s MPG ratings too. The environmental factors go hand in hand with the improved fuel economy. The fewer amounts of fuel that is used from the supercar, the lower the C02 emissions.

Unfortunately this all comes at a price. The production price is set to increase if the proposed idea goes ahead with that being passed onto customers. It has been mentioned that the price of the vehicle could be on par with that of a Lamborghini. Would the Audi R8 really be worth it? In order to reduce such fears, Audi are using a type of hybrid structure with the car. This means that they will combine aluminium along with the carbon fibre. The suspension, drivetrain along with various other components in the car are all set to be made of lighter materials too.

Just when you thought the Audi R8 couldn’t get any better? In order to keep up with other prestigious supercars, the German automotive giants seem to be taking huge steps in improving the car.