The Audi A7 is sporty looking car which offers an exciting drive. It can be hard to forget that in essence it is a family car. We take a look at the model that has been released in America.


It has five doors and a sloping roof which gives away the look of a coupe helping it’s sporty credentials. At the same time Audi manages to keep the car’s class. In terms of style you can guarantee that the car will grab plenty of attention wherever it goes.

Aluminum on it’s body

The Audi A7 contains a great deal of aluminum on it’s exterior body. This helps keep the weight down and improves the overall safety. Fuel economy is also naturally improved.


The amount of doors enhances it’s practicality credentials. For a coupe the car certainly has more of it than similar vehicles. It is a perfect car for a large family with everyone sitting in comfort. There is a great amount of head and leg room. Carrying that big load of shopping and those large items is made easy with the staggering amount of space within when the rear seats are folded down.


Rivals over in America include that of the BMW X6 and the spectacular Acura ZDX costing over $50,000 depending on how they are equipped. The Honda Crosstour and the Toyota Venza are cheaper options costing under $30,000 as they are outside the luxury division.

The Audi A7 3.0 TFSI Quattro ranges from $59,250 to $68,830 depending on the optional equipment.

Great drive with great power

The driver will receive a wonderful experience, with the Audi A7’s wonderful road handling and speed. It will be difficult to forget that it is a family vehicle. The 3.0 litre V6 engine is able to produce 310 BHP using it’s supercharger. The Tiptronic automatic transmission which comes under a manual transmission complements the vehicle very well. In just 5.4 seconds the car is able to reach 0 – 60 MPH which is quite a magnificent static.  The Audi A7 will be electronically limited to 130 MPH with the meter reading at 180 MPH. Why would you need more?

All types of road surfaces are easily driven on thanks to the car’s all-wheel drive system.


According to American values, the car will average 18 MPG in urban areas and 28 MPG on the motorway.