Audi, Jaguar and VW up for World Car Award

The finalists have been announced for the 2017 World Car Awards and Audi, Jaguar and Volkwagen make up the top trio. In fact, all three of the finalists are SUVs – the Audi Q5, Jaguar F-Pace and the Volkswagen Tiguan. Reflecting the overall shift of car buying moving towards the SUV, the exclusive trio were(…)

Audi unveil new diesel SUV, the SQ7 TDI

Audi’s comparatively low key reveal of the car proves that talent can outshine theatrics. Unveiling their newest performance SUV at their headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany, Audi claims that the vehicle has its most advanced chassis ever, thanks to a new electro-mechanical roll stabilisation system. Audi’s high performance diesel prototype racers have proven themselves champions on(…)