Audi, BMW and Mercedes to communicate using advanced data sharing network

Three giants of the German car industry: Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have entered into a collaboration that will see the connected car expert company they jointly own, Here, supplied with real time sensor data so their vehicles can better understand their surroundings. This deal heralds a landmark in auto-making, the first time three leading brands(…)

Audi approve production for Tesla S fighting model

More direct competition for the Tesla Model S has just homed into view. Already a sizable list of car makers has announced development or imminent release of vehicles they believe will be able to rival the Model S. Now Audi has revealed they are in the early stages of design of a range topping, 100%(…)

Audi 2017 RS5 super-coupe tested with production body

Ahead of a predicted launch in 2017, the next-generation Audi RS5 super-coupe has been spied during testing. The car being put through its paces is the first test edition seen to feature production bodywork which suggests that the new super-coupe is in the final stages of development. The previous test edition borrowed the bodywork of(…)

Q5 confirmed for Paris reveal

One of the most eagerly anticipated vehicles of 2016 will make its entrance at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, when Audi shows the new Q5 off to the world. Already teased in a brief film that suggests Apple, CarPlay and Android compatibility, the SUV reveals the new design of its rotary knob – already in(…)

Dynamic overhaul for next-generation Audi models

From next year, the ride and handling characteristics of each new generation of Audi are to be redefined, starting with the company’s fleet leader – the A8. It’s thought that the engineers’ remit involves maintaining the current models’ sporty reputation whilst giving them a wider range of dynamic attributes. This will include developing more a(…)

Audi suspend executive following diesel scandal

As the investigation into the emissions scandal gains momentum, Audi’s head of development, Steve Knirsch, is set to be suspended this week following his involvement in the affair, reports German daily Bild am Sonntag. Evidence acquired by Jones Day has shown that Knirsch, an Audi board member – knew about the use of cheat software(…)

The ten best Audis of the last 100 years

Audi first came into being on 25th April, 1910, but the company’s roots stretch even further back to a venture started in 1899 by August Horch. The company was originally called ‘A. Horch & Cie’ but was changed to Audi Automobilwerke GmbH Zwickau following a trademark infringement claim by Horch’s former business partners. That same(…)

Car enthusiast finds his classic car on EBAY, 30 years after he sold it

30 years after he sold it – because he couldn’t afford the insurance – a car enthusiast has bought his beloved Audi back again, after he found it being advertised on Ebay. Recognising a tell-tale dent in the bonnet, Keith Harris spotted the 1983 Audi GT Coupe Fuel Injection that he parted with in the(…)

11 reasons to buy an Audi

  Audi has never had to try too hard. When you have a natural association with high quality and refinement, you tend to effortlessly acquire fans rather than actively try to seek them. These days, there are more Audis on the road than ever before, as the brand continues to grow steadily in popularity. Not(…)

Top car cleaning and car care tips for your Audi

To give your Audi the deep clean it deserves, takes more than a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. So, how can you go the extra miles and have your car looking like it’s just rolled out of the showroom? Here are a few tips from the experts: Don’t clean in extreme heat or(…)

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