Record first quarter for Audi

Audi have kept their lead over Mercedes-Benz so far this year. Sales for Audi were recorded at 143,500 in March which is a 14.1 per cent increase when comparing the same month in 2011. The company have managed to achieve their best ever first quarter sales thanks to strong demand in China. Audi however are(…)

Audi to build the world’s largest showroom in Dubai

Audi are currently in the process of building the world’s largest showroom in Dubai. Currently under construction, Audi have imposed a number of green features within to be as economical as possible. Green facilities The factory will have many economical targets to achieve. This will mean that they will carry out such processes as re-using(…)

The new Audi R8 to get a dual clutch

The new re-engineered Audi R8 will receive a dual clutch, enhancing it’s performance and overall drive. The car was spotted earlier this month, driving the automotive press crazy. The car has been upgraded on it’s mechanical engineering, with slight changes upon the exterior too. An amazing new optional upgrade The new dual clutch is the(…)

Audi to enhance the sound system for their electric vehicles

There is nothing better than hearing the roar of a powerful engine, according to many sports car enthusiasts. When the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz release electric versions of some of their highly desired sports cars, the sound of the engine may be too quiet for some. Clearly they will not be attractive to(…)

Audi’s future light technology

Audi have recently given a sneak peak at the future of light technology upon their models. Audi will use the likes of lasers amongst other highly advanced features. Audi Service is essential to have optimum performance. How the OLED system works OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes. They are more advanced than today’s LED(…)

The Audi Q3 has something special within…

Reports from the United States have said that the Audi Q3 will contain PULSE GX50 Plastic Material from Styron. Styron a long time trustworthy suppler Styron have for a long time been a supplier to car manufacturers for innovative technologies and special materials. Audi are the latest company to take advantage of some the company’s(…)

Audi’s sales grow throughout the world in February – part 2

Audi A6L The Audi A6L is a comfortable market leader in China within its particular category. Sales managed to increase by 25 per cent in February. A newer model is expected to be released in April of this year, which will naturally increase sales this year. Audi A8L The newest generation of the Audi A8L(…)

Audi A3 is the most improved fuel efficient vehicle: Edmunds.com

The Audi A3 has topped a List for Vehicles with the Biggest Fuel Economy Improvements, derived by Edmunds.com. Overall industry standards in terms of fuel efficiency have improved by 16.4 per cent. Edmunds.com reported that the Audi A3 has made most improvement in terms of fuel economy more than all other vehicles in North America.(…)

Audi will not introduce RS to any Q models

Audi’s RS models are simply breath-taking. Unfortunately it has been confirmed that no Q model will receive the RS badge. Martin Sander, Audi’s UK director has said that the development of the RS brand for Q models will go against the principles of RS. That opinion may seem strange to some. There is no doubt(…)

Audi open a new dealership in Beverly Hills

Audi have opened spectacular new showroom in Beverly Hills. The grand event was a very big deal with guests such as Stacey Keibler present.  The dealership is in partnership with The Fletcher Jones Family of Fine Dealerships. The dealership has been open since January 26th with a total of eight showrooms around the Los Angeles(…)

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