Is Audi One Step Closer In Announcing Their New Car?

Reports from the German publication Autobild suggest that Audi are one step closer in announcing their new car. The publication argues that the new car will be able to bridge the gap between the TT and the R8 cars. Beginning at the 2010 Paris motor show, the rumours have been circulating for a large period(…)

Preview of the 2017 Audi A4

The 2017 version of the Audi A4 is expected to be a big hit. Over the years, the car has defined itself as a leading sedan and regularly competes with the likes of BMW’s 3 Series and the recedes C-Class. So, the A4 therefore needs no introduction, but how are Audi going to better their(…)

How Will Audi Be Taking on the World of the Electric Car?

The popularity of the electric car is on the increase, there is no doubt about that. In the most recent Driver Power survey, electric cars took the top two spots, so there is most certainly a market open to the big car manufacturers to advance in this direction. So, how do Audi, the mid-range luxury(…)

Audi invest in ambitious future despite parent company’s emission scandal

Just like Simba and Mufasa, Skywalker and Vader, Michael and Vito Corleone, Audi has started to outgrow and outshine its parents. It has recently been revealed that whilst parent-company Volkswagen continue to resolve their emissions scandal – dubbed ‘dieselgate’ to some – Audi have increased their research and development budget to ensure they can remain(…)

Audi gets emotional over RS 7

Audi prove that it IS okay for men to cry… as long as it’s a manly tear over a car, of course. Audi released their advert for the RS 7 vehicle, a vehicle they are so proud of they are certain it can bring a man to tears. The star of the ad, apart from(…)

Audi’s R8 is out of this world, according to latest ad

“Shoot for the Moon, even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars” – someone on Audi’s advertising team was clearly given this inspirational quote on a mug for Christmas. The advert, titled ‘The Commander,’ is going to run during one of the highly coveted slots during the 50th annual Superbowl. Bound to be one(…)

Audi to reveal hydrogen-powered car concept next month

Reports suggest that Audi will unveil a new hydrogen fuel-cell powered concept car at the Detroit Motor Show in January. The concept will be a version of its all-electric Q6 e-tron quattro but with the electric batteries switched to hydrogen ones. Earlier in the year Audi applied to trademark the phrase ‘h-tron’, much like their(…)

Winter spy shots of new Audi A3 Saloon

Spotted in minor camouflage during its first winter testing, the new Audi A3 Saloon is expected to launch mid-2016. The new A3 will be a mid-cycle update, so don’t expect any major difference to the current model. Although the compact premium Saloon isn’t getting any heavy design changes, we can see from the photographs that(…)

Audi emissions “solutions in discussion”

Audi, Volkswagen’s money-maker, has announced that there is (possibly) an easy fix for the 85,000 premium vehicles affected by the emissions scandal. Earlier this month, VW’s CEO Matthias Müller announced that the fix for the ‘defeat devices’ found in 8.5 million smaller diesel-powered VW cars will be “technically and financially manageable”. Now, it appears Audi(…)

The all-new Audi A6 allroad goes Sport

Audi has revealed their new Audi A6 allroad is now available in Sport trim level. If you’ve got the odd £50,000 to splash and want a stylish car for the harsh weather we’re soon-to-be facing, then the allroad Sport might be exactly what you’re looking for. The Audi A6 Quattro was designed with light off-road(…)

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