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Can the New Audi TT RS Challenge Any Supercars?

The new Audi TT RS has been unveiled at the Beijing motor show, and it will turn heads. It will turn heads in plenty of ways too. Not only does the car look amazing, but it will also perform the same as a supercar. It is a supercar in a but name and without the(…)

Stretchhh and Hold…

The luxury car market seems to be getting wilder and wilder as individually requested cars are becoming more and more common. This time round, it’s the role of Audi to create a personalised car for one lucky mystery buyer. The car created is a six and a half metre long Audi produced for an anonymous(…)

Audi to sell Q7 e-tron hybrid in the UK

Good news for fans of top notch hybrid cars who have £65,000 going spare. Audi confirmed the news that UK fans would be able to buy the plug-in hybrid version of its Q7 SUV, the e-tron. Q7 will be Audi’s second e-tron to be sold in the UK, and is powered by a combination of(…)

Audi’s supercar just got a bit more super

Fast, not furious; the new Audi R8 V10 Plus proves it has a need for some serious speed. The new incarnation of Audi’s R8 is the fastest production Audi ever, and most of the credit should goes to Audi’s Le Mans racing programme as it turns out that this road ready version has adopted nearly(…)

Brighter is better for new range of Audi SUV

Somewhere over the rainbow… there’s a munchkin driving one of Audi’s new bright and bold SUVs. To attract a younger market, Audi have decided to start painting with every colour in their pencil case, proving that you can make people buy anything if you make it pretty enough. The Q2, Audi’s newest SUV, had its(…)

Audi confirms Q2 crossover and new Q5 for 2016

Despite the emissions-scandal-caused spending cuts across the Volkswagen Group, Audi are still planning to spend over 3 billion euros expanding their product range during the next five years. With SUVs becoming more and more popular, the German luxury brand has confirmed a number of new models, as well as several next-gen ones. 2016 will see(…)

Audi emissions “solutions in discussion”

Audi, Volkswagen’s money-maker, has announced that there is (possibly) an easy fix for the 85,000 premium vehicles affected by the emissions scandal. Earlier this month, VW’s CEO Matthias Müller announced that the fix for the ‘defeat devices’ found in 8.5 million smaller diesel-powered VW cars will be “technically and financially manageable”. Now, it appears Audi(…)

The all-new Audi A6 allroad goes Sport

Audi has revealed their new Audi A6 allroad is now available in Sport trim level. If you’ve got the odd £50,000 to splash and want a stylish car for the harsh weather we’re soon-to-be facing, then the allroad Sport might be exactly what you’re looking for. The Audi A6 Quattro was designed with light off-road(…)

Audi has “software fix” and another 85,000 cars affected

“This is the Truth in Engineering”… not sure Audi will be using that slogan for much longer. Another spout of bad news for Volkswagen and its divisions this week, as Audi admits that a second ‘defeat device’ is in all of its 3.0-litre V6 diesel engines, which span from 2009 to this year. That’s a(…)

New Audi TT Coupe gets 2016 redesign

In one of many upcoming redesigns for Audi’s products, the new TT Coupe is a beauty. The third generation model promises to be sharper and faster than its predecessors, but retain the original 1990s feel that drivers enjoyed so much. Audi told reporters they were aiming for a “mini R8” (one of their most popular(…)

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