The Bentley Continental GT Speed is a car of pure fantasy, available to the rich. It is widely purchased by the famous.

You’ll need around £155,000 including VAT to afford a GT Speed. It’s a car of most people’s dreams and out of reach. These sentiments are echoed in Bentley’s projections. They estimate that they will sell just 200 next year. It’s a car that turns heads no matter where you go. Not only that, eyes will be wide open.

Since the company was acquired by the Volkswagen Group, Bentley’s have sold 26,000 Continental’s around the world. Sales this year have increased by 25 per cent, a surprising figure considering the state of the worldwide market.

The latest version is something special. All the previous variants have probably been described using the same praise, but this time that statement is more accurate. It is the fastest ever GT Speed to be put into production. The 6.0 litre W12 engine, the same engine used for last 10 years in the car, will continue its run. It will hit over 600 BHP and is capable of speeding over speeds of 200 MPH. According to one source, the car is able to hit 0 – 100 MPH in around the same time as it take Usian Bolt to reach 100 meters. The side of the car has a badge which states the words W12. Any experts will know exactly what that means. The 21 inch wheels look quite magnificent and suit the car perfectly.

In order to hold back all of that enormous power, the 16.5 inch ceramic brake discs help hold back all of that power. That’s bigger than some alloy wheels.

There is a slight spoiler placed on the back. This manages to pop up when the car is travelling at fast speeds, incorporating an extra dimension of balance. The four wheel drive system is vital to the car’s performance and safety. Distributing power amongst all wheels helps the car balance when it’s being driven by a hooligan.

The Bentley Continental GT Speed was created with great attention to detail. It took the company around 3 years to develop the vehicle. Most of us would have to win the lottery before we are able to buy one.