The-Release-of-the-Audi-A5-SportbackThe Audi A5 sportback has been spotted testing on the streets of Mumbai recently, as its hotly anticipated release will soon be upon us. So, from the information we know about the vehicle, what should we really be expecting?

Well firstly, expect sport to be a key attribute for this vehicle. Based upon its sister A5 coupe model, the sportback has lost a lot of weight and therefore, the vehicle looks more muscular, younger and certainly more aggressive in a sporting capacity. Although the sportback is based upon the MLB-Evo platform, there have been only a few structural changes which have enabled the sportback to evolve from the coupe version. The sportback will feature Matrix LED headlights, LED interior lights, a Bang & Olufsen speaker system, MMI 7 inch colour entertainment and also multiple select drive modes. So the sportback looks good and is full with technology, so there is no doubt that it will definitely sell extremely well.


There will also be multiple different powertrains offered too. This will include two TFSI engines and three separate TDI engines. It has been rumoured that there will also be a V6 TFSI engine which will allow the A5 sportback to propel from 0-60 in less than 5 seconds.

This will be the fifth generation of the A5 and it will definitely be able to compete with Audi’s closest rivals in BMW and Mercedes. Estimated to sell for around £45,000, we shall see the sportback model hit the forecourts towards the end of this summer. We already know how good the A5 coupe is, but when extra power, luxury and dynamic structural changes which are both aesthetically pleasing and aerodynamic, you know that it will be a good car. But just how well will it sell? We will have to wait and see, but expect them to race of the shelves.