A “smart radio” is being developed for connected cars by Radioplayer, the online joint radio industry initiative. Audi is the first major car maker to sign up to the scheme and plans to use them in the forthcoming A8 model.

The “hybrid” systems will be able to access traditional radio stations as well as streaming services, will feature logos and will be able to switch between DAB, FM and streaming automatically. Marketeers will be able to use the technology to send targeted advert campaigns to users based on gender, age, playlist selections and genre preferences.

Audi’s head of development, Christian Winter, said that the Audi A8 would feature the hybrid radios when it launches, later this year.

Michael Hill, Radioplayer’s managing director, said: “We’ve talked to dozens of car companies over the past few years. They’re all interested in improving their car radio interfaces, but the question they ask most often is – where can we get a reliable feed of the radio industry’s data? This project starts to answer that question… to help keep radio simple, sexy, and central to the dashboard”.

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