Audi is looking to move their high performance models the Audi S4 and S5 away from containing manual transmissions on European models.

Evolution of transmission

Some may be surprised at the news. Manual transmissions go hand in hand with speedy vehicles as it allows drivers to have more control and excitement.

Times have changed since and sports cars have evolved. It would appear that motorists are leaning towards semi automatic transmissions. Gear changes are more engaging and fuel economy is improved dramatically. Lazy drivers who hate changing their manual gear whilst stuck in traffic will also naturally feel the immediate benefits.

Great track history

Audi are recognised as one of the pioneers of mastering the DSG gearbox. It offers a very responsive gear changing method and very accessible and easy to get used to. Some of the best performing cars that the automotive industry has to offer, such as the R8 and TT RS have a automatic type transmissions which simply don’t let you down when it comes to reaching high speeds or shifting down a gear to allow that extra bit of acceleration to kick in.  Does moving away from manual gearboxes make sense? Is that deemed old fashioned?

Are we moving away from manuals?

One question which is sure to be on everyone’s mind is that of are manual transmission gearboxes slowly becoming extinct? Are motorists fed up of changing gears and do they prefer a semi automatic or a fully automatic transmission? It is very difficult to say at present but statistics show that manufacturers have been moving away from the idea for quite some time with more and more models being made automatics rather than manuals. We would expect that number to increase over the coming years.

America keeping theirs

The American variants of the Audi S4 and S5 will keep the 6 speed manual option.  According to many, Europeans have a stronger demand for manual gearboxes compared to the USA. Why would Audi have come the decision to release the manual transmission version of the cars in the USA and not Europe?

Although the semi automatic gearbox offers so many advantages, some would sacrifice them to feel the thrill and excitement of changing gears and having complete control.