Audi are set to expand the use of Wireless Vehicle Management Systems for the tracking and the running of their industrial trucks. They are set to be ordered to Audi’s main manufacturing factory in Ingolstadt, Germany.

I.D Systems’ Powerfleet™ Vehicle Management System
I.D System Inc, one of the world’s biggest suppliers for providing wireless solutions for the tracking, securing and overall management of valuable assets have confirmed that Audi have placed orders for their services. Audi have ordered I.D Systems’ Powerfleet™ Vehicle Management System. These will be utilised upon industrial trucks developed at the company’s Ingolstadt factory in Germany.

The intiligence of VMS
Recently Wireless Vehicle Management Systems, also known as VMS have been widely used amongst the automotive industry. The system has the ability to account for the activity of each individual truck. This includes recording the use of forklifts, organising the material handling schedule, maintaining that all equipment is in the correct place at the appropriate time as well as providing statistical data on the use of the vehicle.

In effect this will help a fleet company to severely reduce their running costs and improve the productivity and effectiveness of their operation. Any errors with vehicle are dealt with promptly and efficiently with the VMS automatically reported problems. Whenever vehicle services are due, the VMS system will notify the driver. This is intelligently recorded depending on the age and vehicle type. Any further car parts that will need replacing is intelligently anticipated by the VMS too.

Audi’s progress making BMW look over their shoulder
Audi are closing in on the top two luxury car makers, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Although those two have been firmly established as the top brands for a number of years throughout the world, Audi have discovered a sudden growth spurt. They are indeed the fastest growing luxury car company in the world, with sales across almost all markets reaching record highs throughout the world.

Audi made more profit than BMW
Although the company did manage to outsell BMW last year they did manage to earn more profit. As Audi are part of the Volkswagen Group, their profit levels were higher. In 2011 Audi sold 1.3 million cars which generated revenue of €44.1 billion.
I.D System’s technology is truly world class. They have the ability to enhance the quality and security of any fleet car operation.