Audi-is-Putting-its-Sports-Gear-on-EarlyThe three major luxury German automotive companies have a specific way of marketing their vehicles at the moment. If you haven’t noticed, they release a car and then a year later, the upgraded high performance one is released. This allows for the company to sell to two very specific markets and make a lot of money in doing so. But this time round, have Audi jumped the gun a little, or are they just really prepared?

The Q2 is the smallest crossover SUV in the Audi line up and it is yet to be released. The release is set for the autumn of this year but, the SQ2 has already been spotted on the test tracks. Many may see this as standard practise in camouflage, but the car does not even have that on. With the SQ2 practically set for release, what can we be prepared for?

Well from the exterior, it of course follows the original model but it has taken the design cue formula from the SQ7. This design cue therefore involves a blacked out grille, new body pillars, wheels, a pseudo front, large air intakes, rear diffusers and rear splitters all in a limited jet black. As for the interior there has been no news as yet released, but we expect it to follow the Q2 model whilst coming equipped with sportier tech features.

Audi-is-Putting-its-Sports-Gear-on-Early1With the powertrains there has been no news released either. But, there have been multiple rumours circulating alongside Audi’s previous projects, which give the motoring world some inclination in regards to the option which will be used. It is therefore believed that the SQ2 will boast a turbocharged 2.0 litre four-cylinder petrol engine with around 306hp. This will be supported by an all wheel drive system, with the vehicle being lower to the ground for better handling.

With rumours circulating about the SQ2 just last week, and with the Q2 not even being released just yet, it is amazing that an SQ2 final product is almost completed. Expect to see its release at the end of 2017 or early 2018.