Audi is researching batteries for electric vehicles. They are said to be stepping up their work in order to break into the EV market in the near future.


Reports from Germany confirm that the luxury car manufacturers are launching an eProduction research project. This particular project will be conducted alongside a number of partners with an overall aim of developing a concept storing energy to be utilised within electric cars through traction batteries.

The complex venture will take place for three years and will be sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Frank Dreves a Member of the Board of Management for Production at Audi AG said that the eProduction project is vital to creating the next generation of cars. His exact words were “With eProduction we are taking the next important step on the road to electric mobility,”

“This will put us in a position to produce electrically powered cars in larger numbers – in a way that is efficient, safe, robust and sustainable,” explains Dreves.

Traction batteries

What are traction batteries? They represent a very sophisticated piece of technology that display a number of benefits. It contains a high voltage and service connections, a cooling system, an electronic management system, electromechanical components along with actuators and sensors.

Ministry Director – “Significant consequences”

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research Director Professor Dr Wolf-Dieter Lukas praised the project and stated the benefits of it. He said “The increasing level of electrification of the automobile has significant consequences for the production process. This applies particularly to battery production, which represents a large proportion of the value chain.”

“We at the BMBF are delighted to be supporting this project through our sponsorship.”

The eProduction research project aims to eventually find a sustainable method of powering electric vehicles that store high voltage energy within batteries. It’s a very complicated project which requires a host of innovative and clever methods, including that of lightweight construction and a feasible way of mass production.

German Government plans

The German Government plans to have 1 million vehicles on the road by 2020. Today’s announcement is sure to please them and speed up the process. Electric vehicles are the way forward. You can bet that Audi are looking at ways of producing an electric vehicle that doesn’t compromise on performance.