Audi-approve-production-for-Tesla-S-fighting-modelMore direct competition for the Tesla Model S has just homed into view. Already a sizable list of car makers has announced development or imminent release of vehicles they believe will be able to rival the Model S. Now Audi has revealed they are in the early stages of design of a range topping, 100% electric sedan that will be on our roads before 2020.

Currently slated as the A9 e-tron, the sedan will share most of its drivetrain with the Q6 e-tron, a crossover that’s touted as Audi’s first full-production battery-powered model. This basically means that it will ride on a modular platform designed specifically for electric models, and will be powered by no less than three electric asynchronous motors. The drivetrain will provide all four wheels with 425 horsepower and up to 600 pound-feet of torque in its most basic state of tuning.

It’s projected that the A9 will be able to travel 300 miles between each charge, and inductive charging will make the power cable redundant. In addition, the A9 will come fitted with Audi’s equivalent to Tesla’s Autopilot suite of driver assistance features. Autocar has revealed that it will boast Level Four autonomy, meaning it will be able to drive itself in a number of features both on and off the roads.

Audi expect to have the A9 e-tron in showrooms by the end of the decade. Similar to the Q6 e-tron, it’s likely to be previewed by a close-to-production concept at one of the major motor shows.

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