There are rumours that Audi are considering putting their Q3 on the market. Does it have what it takes to succeed in the USA?

The car is a smaller 4×4 compared to the Audi Q5. America is known for having larger types of vehicles on their roads, with them being more suitable to the countries way of life. Will the Audi Q3 be just a little bit too small for America?

The main analysis needed to decide whether it is feasible to sell the car in the country is checking whether the demand will be high enough along the pricing. As with all cars, the demand must be reasonable along with a selling price that is fair and affordable whilst making the company profits too.

Audi are known for their wonderful luxury vehicles. There is said to reluctance from Audi to release the Q3 in the USA as it may clash with their image. BMW are also in the same boat, as BMW X1 has gone through the same stages as the Q3 in holding up its release in the country. The BMW X1 can be considered as the Q3’s direct rival, meaning BMW went through the same reasoning to hold up American production of the car. Does it make sense to release a car within this particular category in America? BMW appear to think so. They are said to be redesigning the X1 with the aim of eventually releasing the car, will it make a difference?

After hearing the concerns about Audi Q3 in America, it may come as a surprise to hear that the A3 is to be released in the country. How? It has been repackaged into a sedan package, with Audi effectively making the car longer and wider. Owners of the older generation Audi A4 are said to be targeted with the newer Audi A3 Sedan. Will the Audi Q3 be redesigned like the Audi A3 in order to suit the American market?

It can safely assume that the American car market is a tough one to crack, even for a company like Audi. The Q3 is almost certain to be a hit throughout Europe and Asia, but when it comes to the USA, they certainly still have a lot of work to do.