Audi has decided to scrap plans for electric vehicle , according to the highly respected motor magazine and website, Car. It is clearly extremely difficult and expensive for car companies to research and develop electric car technology and then ensure that it is worthy of buying when on the market. The news comes as Tesla has showcased their latest electric offering.

Originally Audi had hoped to eventually release an electric version of their Audi A2 model and the Audi A1, with the prototype being named the Audi A1 e-tron hybrid.

At the moment electric cars are not exactly on top of potential customer’s agendas. Many believe that the starting price is way too high. Some are worried about the driving distance in which the car is able to achieve. The problem is that the cost of developing the technology is extremely expensive. This is eventually represented in the price of the vehicle. Consumers believe that there are better fuel alternatives out there which provide a sensible C02 emission and fuel consumption rating without the need to pay an extortionate price.  It is for these reasons that Audi have decided to rethink their strategy on an electric range of cars.

Tesla, a successful and well known brand from the United States have released images of their new model S. This will be a luxurious four seater electric car. Will it take the market by storm? As you may have guessed by now the car will not come cheap, costing £32,500. For those worried about the car’s driving range, it will be able to achieve a tremendous 300 miles before it needs a recharge. For an electric car, the performance rating is extremely impressive, with the car hitting a top speed of 125 MPH. The car looks so good that you may mistake for a Jaguar or a BMW. Is this is really an electric car?

The Environmental Transport Association has had their say on the situation, understanding that demand is very limited at present. He said “Electric cars are still very much a niche product and it is perhaps unsurprising that smaller, specialist manufacturers are best placed to meet the limited current demand.”

Will Audi build different types of electric cars? They may not look to convert smaller models such as the Audi A1 and Audi A2 but they may go down the route of Tesla, converting cars such as the Audi A4.