The Audi RS4 details have officially been released by the world’s fastest growing luxury car maker.


The highly anticipated vehicle will contain 444 BHP with a V8 engine reaching a top speed of 174 MPH. The Quattro four wheel drive system is sure to deliver an exciting performance by anybody’s standards.  In just 4.7 seconds the car will be able to reach 0-62 MPH and will be limited to 155 MPH or 174 MPH. Pretty quick for a family estate car some are probably thinking.

7 Speed S tronic

There will be a 7 speed S tronic twin clutch gearbox which will contain a launch function. The long seventh gear is installed for economic purposes, helping the vehicle reach a great 25.7 MPG (upon the EU Combined cycle)

Differential technology

Audi’s crown gear differential technology will allow the car to direct up to 85 per cent of the car’s power towards the rear wheels. The sport differential technology upon the rear axle within the car will allow the RS4 to switch power between all wheels in order for the car to gather the best possible grip.

Intelligence within

The car’s steering has been described as “speed dependent” by some expert reviews thanks to it’s intelligent functionality. The electro mechanical power assistance caters for various levels of grip when the car is braking. The brakes come with an option of a 380mm carbon fibre ceramic discs that also contain six piston callipers.

Three driver settings

There are three different options available in terms of the driver settings. These include comfort, automatic or dynamic. The three selections determine the steering, gearbox and throttle. The volume of the exhaust is also able to be controlled. The rigidity of the Dynamic Ride Control adaptive damping can also be cleverly modified.

Larger than the Audi A4 Avant

The Audi RS4 stands larger than the Audi A4 Avant. It is 20 mm longer and a great 24 mm wider.

In terms of style the car has brand new sills, a more spectacular sports exhaust system, wider wheel arches and more attractive new bumpers.

No prices announced

Prices for the car have not yet been announced. For those of you who can’t wait the car has been sketched in to make an appearance in showrooms across the UK in September. Rumours claim that the car will cost £55,000 when on show.

Expert previews have praised the car as something quite special. We believe despite it’s high price it will make a huge impact and prove to be worth the price tag.