The Audi A8 is one of the most desirable luxury vehicles in the world. It has now been made more attractive with a hybrid power train being installed under the bonnet. Now the splendid vehicle is a lot more economical. This new model will be the flagship variant from the Audi A8 range.

The total power of the vehicle will stand at 242 BHP, with its newly found green values not dampening the power by much. The four cylinder 2.0 petrol engines combines with an electric motor.


The C02 emissions will be recorded at 147g/km. An average of 45 MPG is what Audi have said that the A8 will achieve.

First deliveries

If you want one the first deliveries of the car will be at the very start of 2013. News of the car is at it’s very earliest stages so prices have not been confirmed.

Different driving modes

Audi’s new eight speed Tiptronic automatic transmission helps the car save motorists at the fuel pumps. There will also be three driving modes which allow the driver to cater towards the type of drive in which they wish to experience. EV is the most economical version with the car giving more priority towards the electric motor. D is a mixture of both as it combines the petrol and electric motor together. S stands for Sports and provides a sportier type of experience.

Other features

The new hybrid power train is not the only exciting feature upon the new Audi A8. There will be beautifully styled 19 inch alloy wheels.

The standard equipment includes a three zone climate control system, LED headlights, a DAB radio, satellite navigation, adaptive suspension, a Bose Stereo system along with a Noise Cancellation system which improves the driving experience.

From the outside, the Hybrid is distinguished from other A8s by its turbine-style 19-inch alloy wheels, hybrid badges and unique paintwork, while it has a list of standard equipment over and above the existing SE.

Not a sports car

Being a luxury car, the Audi A8 is designed to be driven smoothly and conservatively.  Many use the car as a chauffeur vehicle. When driven with that extra bit of power, the noise levels are not as nice as you may expect. That’s why you shouldn’t really rev the vehicle hard as the four cylinders are not designed to cope with too much pressure.