The new Audi S3 Sportback is the sport line version of the ever popular Audi A3. The car is quite magnificent being a four wheel drive being quite powerful too, not to mention stylish. We review the car today and analyse whether some may opt for this rather than the Volkswagen Golf GTI and the BMW M135i.


The Audi S3 will deliver an outstanding 261 BHP from it’s 2.0 litre TFSI engine. The Quattro all wheel drive system helps the car’s handling reach spectacular heights. Body control is near perfect. The S Tronic gearbox is probably the most fun option and develops a wonderful sound from the exhaust when moving up in gears. The six manual transmission gearbox is considered not to be a bad alternative.

Inside the cabin

Some reviews have been largely disappointed by the lack of modernisation within the cabin. Some have stated that the materials and design simply look too old fashioned. However no is doubting the quality of materials used, with them expecting to be very sustainable.


The Audi S3 will come with stylish 18 inch alloys as standard. There are silver door mirror housings which enhances the car’s sporty appeal. Compared to the RS3 there are no real standout features.

Running costs

The S-tronic gearbox is the more environmentally friendly transmission emitting 195g/km of C02. The manual gearbox transmission emits 199g/km. Both are identical when it comes to fuel consumption, achieving 33 MPG according to Audi. That is indeed quite a respectable figure considering the sporty credentials.


The Audi S3 Sportback is one the most practical hatchbacks on the market. The car has a 302 litre loading bay with seats being folded increasing that figure to 1,032 litres. There is enough space to fit five adults with a fair amount of head and leg room. Roof rails come as standard. There are also optional storage areas around the vehicle helping to increase functionality.


The Audi S3 gets the thumbs up when it comes to safety. Stability control comes as standard which will go a long way to appealing to families. There are side, driver and passenger airbags fitted throughout.

Will the Audi S3 manage to trump rivals and hit the top of the sales charts? It certainly has all the credentials to do so and become one of the most popular cars of its type here in the UK.