Audi have revealed the performance levels of their new R8 e-tron after racing on the Nurburgring circuit. It took just 8 minutes and 9 seconds to lap the track.

This is a new world record for a production car that has an electric drive. That time is 5 seconds slower than the standard Audi R8, which has a 4.2 litre engine capable of hitting a maximum of 424 BHP. Marcus Winkelhock was behind the wheel. The former Grand Prix driver gave the powerful car and race justice.

The previous record for a sports car with electric drive around the track was set by the Peugeot EX1, a concept vehicle which raced around the track back in April. Toyota’s attempt came from the TMG EV P001 which came under the category of TMG EV P001, which recorded a time of 7 minutes and 48 seconds.

The car is expected to cost around £160,000 when put into showrooms. Fans will get their first glimpse of the car at the Paris Motor Show in September. In terms of design and appearance there is no difference between the normal Audi R8 and the Audi R8 e-tron. There have been design changes in order to fit the two electric motors at the rear and the lithium ion battery packs.

Various other features have also been redesigned with more lightweight materials being used. Audi have said that in essence this is a completely new car rather than a re-design. The car will be placed into limited production at the end of the year. The two electric motors will power one wheel each. These engines alone are able to develop 376 BHP and 605lb ft of torque.

Drivers will not have any range anxiety with the car reaching a range of 200km. The car will recuperate the electricity used to charge the batteries through the car’s carbon ceramic brakes. The batteries do add a lot of weight which would normally effect the performance of the vehicle. Audi have countered this problem by using more aluminium and carbon fibre around the interior and exterior. The Audi R8 e-tron will have a rival from the Telsa Roadster. This car will hit the American automotive market in the next year. The company’s closet rival will be the Mercedes-Benz SLS E-Cell which will be even more powerful hitting 525 BHP and 649lb ft of torque.