After we asked the question “Will the Audi Q3 arrive in America” back in October, it has been confirmed that it will.

Concept unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show

The car was unveiled at the annual Detroit Motor Show this month. Although it was just a concept named the Q3 vail, it was significant as it revealed Audi’s plans for America.

This is great news for many fans who were hoping for the compact SUV to hit the market across the Atlantic.  2014 is the date sketched in for release.

No Audi’s will be made in America

When the car is released in America, the car will officially be an import car as Audi will not begin production of their cars in America anytime time soon. A demand of at least 100,000 annually within North America is the missing criteria for Audi to build a factory in the region.

Some sources claim that Audi could build a brand new plant in the city of Chattanooga, where Volkswagen currently has a factory. The Audi A5 crossover could be built at the factory if it is built according to various sources.

The importance of America

Audi have set an ambitious target of producing 150,000 vehicles annually for North America before 2015. If the company are to overtake both BMW and Mercedes-Benz and become the world’s leading luxury car producer, they will need to take America by storm. It is currently the world’s second largest automotive industry behind China. German counterparts BMW and Mercedes-Benz had a close battle in terms of sales, where both experienced record breaking sales. Can the Audi Q3 elevate the company to compete with the top two in America?

Mind games?

North America will receive around 8,000 to 10,000 Audi Q3’s per year. This could be mind games from Audi, as the same prediction was made for the Audi Q5 which has a sales volume of 25,000 per year.

Euro vs the Dollar

The uncertainty surrounding the unstable values of the Euro against the dollar will prove to be barrier in releasing the Audi Q3 in America, according to Johan De Nysschen, the President of Audi America.

We are the lucky ones who will receive the first recipients of the Audi Q3, as it will be distributed throughout Europe first in 2013.