You’ve heard of the Audi Q3, Q5 and Q7 but now a Q2 is set to join the line-up. A concept version named the Crosslane Coupe will be shown at the Paris Motor Show next week.

The car was first heard about in June earlier this year. It will have a 2+2 seating arrangement. The engine will work alongside an electric drive train, making the vehicle extremelly economical.

Dimension wise, the car is 4250mm long, 1900mm wide and 1500mm high along with a wheelbase that measures 2550mm. That makes the vehicles slightly larger than the Audi A3 but is naturally shorter and longer than the Audi Q3, following the trend of the other Q vehicles. The vehicle’s dimensions could change and maybe based on the Audi A2 and the new Skoda Yeti. The Volkswagen Group’s economies of scale would be greatly increased.

When released, the car will enter the same marketplace as the MINI countryman, being the smallest of all the Q models. It is expected to arrive in showrooms by 2015. Autocar have rendered an artificial image based on their personal research.  If their image is accurate, the car will basically be an Audi A3 with larger wheels. The car sits fairly low and wide and has an eye catching look, according to the image.

The vehicle being displayed at the Paris Motor Show will be able to produce 116 BHP from its electric motor alone. This will be able to drive the car along for 80 miles. Once that has run out, a 1.5 petrol engine will kick in which is capable of producing 130 BHP. Using the engine from the start is not an available option to utilise.

The Paris Motor Show will have a 2 door version of the vehicle. The final car is expected to contain 5 doors in total with four seats. Other rumoured changes include a higher roofline to increase space and practicality.

What is for certain is the car’s platform. There will be a MQB platform within the vehicle’s foundations, helping to the car as light as possible and saving on production costs. The same platform will also be placed onto the new Audi generation Q3 in 2017.
The exact direction of the Audi Q2 is still yet to be properly decided by Audi. Other changes could be made to concept too.