The Audi A3 has achieved five stars at the Euro NCAP tests. The fact that the car managed to achieve the maximum safety rating will come as a major advantage when competing with rivals in the UK car market. The luxury hatchback segment has become more competitive than ever with new entrants and with all parties offering something different.

When carrying out the tests, various factors were taken into account including child safety, adult protection along with side, front and rear collision.

The new Audi A3 has a great of safety features within. This includes a specially designed engine hood and front end which rises pyrotechnically. The seat belt reminders are essential to everyone’s safety. Even during a crash that’s extremely minimal, a seatbelt can prove to be a great saviour. Side assist and lane assist ensure that the car is along the correct path the whole time, preventing accidents and collisions where possible. Euro NCAP stated that the Audi A3 should be commended for having the seat belt reminders in both the front and rear of the car.
Daytime running LED headlights are there to provide that extra dimension of vision. The Audi A3 is then more obvious to pedestrians and fellow road users. Multicollision brakes ensure that the car comes to a halt systematically so that there are no unnecessary skids or extra collisions. These particular brakes are so sophisticated that they won the 2012 Yellow Angel award from ADAC, a German motoring company.
Adaptive cruise control adds to the long list of excellent safety features within the car. There is also a speed limit display, helping drivers keep within the speed limits.

The Euro NCAP tests are most the strenuous and respected safety tests in the whole of Europe. Scores achieved here are the benchmark for all car safety standards.

Audi’s exact scores were 95 per cent for adult occupant safety, 87 per cent for child occupant safety, 74 per cent for pedestrian safety and 86 per cent for safety assist. One of the Audi A3’s new rivals, the Volvo V40 managed to score a tremendous 98 per cent for adult occupant safety, 75 per cent for child occupant safety, 88 per cent for pedestrian protection and an outstanding 100 per cent for safety assist. Either way both the Audi A3 and the Volvo V40 performed brilliantly at the tests.