The Lamborghini Aventador is all about power, looks and high performance. But now Lamborghini are focusing on making the car more fuel efficient by adding start stop technology to the LP700-4. Now the LP700-4 will be 20 per cent better off in terms of fuel efficiency.

The current model is capable of producing a fantastic 700 BHP, splitting the power between all four of the wheels. Believe it or not, that wasn’t enough or some hardcore enthusiasts. Lamborghini are said to give the car a slight upgrade in terms of its power too.

Cylinder deactivation is now a standard on almost all new generation luxury cars. This specific area of technology closes cylinders within the car’s engine that are not being used. Whilst the car is cruising at low speeds not all cylinders necessarily need to be open. Closing them at the right times allows the car to save energy. When the car is travelling below the speeds of 85 MPH, the 6.5 litre V12 engine shuts down its cylinders to act as a 3.25 litre inline six cylinder. When travelling to work on your daily commute, you won’t need to use most of the vehicle’s power. As soon as the driver wants to put the pedal to the metal, the cylinders pop straight back open, allowing the car to be made the most out of.

Start stop technology allows the Lamborghini Aventador to completely come to a stop when the vehicle does. When the car is in traffic, the engine will completely turn off, helping to save emissions and prevent fuel being wasted at the same time. Whilst that is happening, energy is being stored. That energy will be released once the driver takes his foot off the brakes, restarting the engine instantly, allowing the driver to race off. The engine switch off is not noticeable at all. The energy storage mentioned will not come from brake regeneration it has been confirmed, with that energy saving technology not being installed upon the car.

Lamborghini have said that their vehicle will be able to record 14.7 MPG. When cruising on the motorway at a speed of 80 MPH, the car will save 20 per cent in emissions and fuel consumption when compared to the current model.
For most of us unfortunately, the Lamborghini Aventador is out of reach. It is a very exclusive car.