The Detroit Motor Show will be the perfect way for Audi to show off the brand new 2013 S4 model. It is expected to hit the American market at some point in the summer of this year. Many are highly anticipating its arrival and simply can’t wait.

Out of all the eighth generation A4 models expected to line up at Audi’s stand at the annual motor show, the S4 is expected to be the grab the most attention.


The car appears to have a wonderful sporty look with quad exhaust system at the rear. The bi-xenon headlights are newly fitted and add an extra bit of class to the S4. The wheels look big and stylish enough, but adding the $800 option of larger 19 inch wheels will further increase the car’s attractiveness.


Just by looking at the car, the majority of people would assume that the car is capable of reaching high speeds. They wouldn’t be wrong in that respect.

The car has not been recognised as one that is a powerhouse so to speak. Don’t let that put fans who seek high speed off, as the car has enough power to satisfy most. The car is able to produce an almighty 329 BHP from its supercharged 3.0 engine that utilises V6 technology. It can accelerate pretty quickly as the car takes just 4.9 seconds to reach 0 – 62 MPH. Some sources claim that they achieved a quicker time than that! The top speed is limited to 155MPH (Which you would never need to reach) Imagine if the car was designed to be a fast one, it would probably be better than most supercars!


The car also has improved efficiency, as you probably had expected. It’s intelligent new in car system ensures that essential car fluids are warmed up faster along with decreased friction between the mechanical parts. Altogether Audi have said that 8% more miles per tank can be achieved thanks to these efficiency improvements.

The Audi S4 suits a wider variety of drivers compared to the Audi RS4 and may command a higher price. But by the looks of the S4, it seems as if the car will definitely be worth it.