Audi India is showing no signs of their sales slowing down. They are the fastest growing car manufacturer in the country and are hot on the heels of the country’s number one automaker, BMW.

A recent interview with Michael Perschke, the Head of Audi India gave a wonderful insight into the company’s belief and confidence that their growth streak will indeed continue. That comes despite the company’s major competitors of BMW and Mercedes-Benz coming up with excellent new propositions for the luxury car market.  The Audi Q3 has proved pivotal in the company’s recent success. Despite a major slowdown in the Indian luxury car market, Audi has preserved and managed to come on top. Mr Perschke mentioned in the interview that Audi India is expecting to be the number one car brand in India by the year 2015. By the year 2020, the company want to sell 50,000 units in India annually. Those are quite ambitious targets, meaning they would times their sales record by 10 compared to 2011’s records.

January to September sales has seen Audi smash their own total for all of 2011, selling 6,417 in total. Last year that figure stood at 4,210 for the same time period. The upcoming period for the rest of the year will be challenging, even for Audi. Some have suggested that they have reached their peak considering that fuel prices are set to rise as well as an increase in new registrations. Mr Perscke said that in order to counter such negative effects, they are always enhancing their vehicle and technology in order to draw in more customers. He went on to state that the company are confident of meeting their original 8,000 end of year target.

At present, Audi’ vehicles are not designed for the Indian market alone. They are worldwide branded, meaning they are specific to all car markets. When asked whether that was possibility, Mr Perschke said that there is no need for such a strategy to be implemented.

Have Audi outperformed their rivals?