Previously we wrote an article on Audi India’s CEO Michael Perschke interview with the countries national newspaper Daily News and Analysis.

Today we discuss different element of the interview to give more of an insight into what Audi have planned for India.

Audi’s used car business set to expand?

Michael Perschke said that they are planning a new scheme for the new car business to be rolled out next year. He also said that they are researching further ways on how to enter the leasing market.

His exact words in the interview were “For the used car business, we have a concept in place. We will roll it out by early next year. We are also closely monitoring the leasing business. We have a sister company, Volkswagen Finance, which is monitoring it. We are studying the market. We are looking carefully at what the competition is doing. Definitely, India has a future for leasing as a product, but we will analyse the business before getting into it. It is definitely one of the potential building blocks for our business strategy.”

Audi’s new products in 2012

Audi will showcase some new models at the Auto Expo including the S6, according to Perschke. He said “You will see a couple of products at the Auto Expo. You will see the S6. It is an extension of the A6 line-up; it will have 420 horsepower; it will also be the strongest A6 available. It will be a high performance car, yet it will also embed the technology — what we call the ‘Ultra’. It will be lightweight and have reduced engine size. We will also showcase the ‘E-tron’ concept, which is our technology of advanced engine. It will be a hybrid — combustion as well as electric engine. We will also showcase the A3 sedan concept, first showcased in Geneva this year, where we saw positive response from India. There will be one or two surprises during the Auto Expo.”

He went on to say how around 9 to 10 different products will be released in the country in 2012. “Next year, we have 9-10 different products, engines and models, which will come to India. Each of these will have their contribution. So, 2012 will be a combination of products contributing to our volume as well as image.”

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