Audi announced earlier this month that they expect to sell more cars than originally targeted.  Audi car sales this year had a target of 1.2 million this year, with that figure set to be beaten.

“Easily done”

The German giants are so confident of achieving that goal that they even said that sales will “easily” exceed the original expected target.

Further barriers to be broken

After being apparently surprised at their rise in sales as mentioned in a previous article this month they are now in no doubt as breaking the barrier for sales.

The target the company stated was to be selling 2 million cars annually by 2020. Another target is also expected to be achieved sooner, with 1.5 million cars being sold before the anticipated date of 2014. However Audi haven’t ruled out reaching this target at an earlier date. Clearly this shows great stability and hope within.

Success all over the world

One reason behind Audi’s success is their adaptability to multiple different countries and cultures around the world. Diversity in their range of cars has allowed the company to dominant many markets within those countries.

China has been specifically recognised by the company as a country where they expect to be achieving tremendous growth in the near future. Audi car sales are expected to set a new record within the country alone, with year on year sales increasing by 26% in August.  Cars such as the Q7, TT, A3,R8 and A5 have been a huge success in that part of the world despite them being import cars.

An amazing array of car

The Audi A3 has been a major hit, the Audi Q5 and Q7 are dominant with their classes and the Audi R8 is seen as one of the most spectacular supercars available. The list of Audi’s success is endless. Another reason for the huge number of Audi car sales is that the company has such a great reputation when it comes to competitive pricing and quality. Owners are hardly ever let down when it comes to performance, quality of the vehicle, mechanical engineering, looks plus many other features.

The company will also release the S6, S7 and S8 (LINK). With these high end cars within their respective Audi categories yet to be released, the potential for the company is still nowhere near reached it would seem.

Audi car sales are on the rise, along with their reputation and profits margins. Can they overtake their closet German rivals?