Audi have set brand new personal records in the United States. April sales equalled 11,521 last month which is an increase of 15 per cent from the previous year. This represents a 16th consecutive month of growth for the German luxury automakers. The fact that this was the best ever April for Audi in this period was also a significant milestone.

The Audi A6

The Audi A6, A7, A8 and Q7 were major players in Audi’s performance last month The Audi A6 in particular saw a rise of 136.8 per cent for April. In terms of it’s sales for 2012 so far, there is a 100 per cent increase.

Audi A7, the Audi Q5 and the Audi Q7

Audi A7 sales increased by 91.2 per cent last month. Audi SUV’s in general performed brilliantly in the sales charts with the Audi Q5 saw a sales increase of 24.5 per cent when comparing the same month of 2011. The Audi Q7 recorded a 12.3 per cent increase. The Audi A6,A7 and Q5 models have all recorded increases in terms of year upon year sales.

Audi TDI engines

The United States are becoming more and more environmentally conscious with the high cost of petrol. Audi’s TDI diesel engines have gone a long way into helping Audi reach such high sale figures in the month of March. The Audi A3 TDI along with the Audi Q7 TDI helped the company reach such great sales figures.

Technologically advanced vehicles

The President of Audi, Johan de Nysschen has said how he expects improvements for the rest of the year. He said “Audi’s progressive luxury positioning in the market clearly speaks to discerning consumers as they are seeking out the most technologically advanced vehicles in the market. This is the fundamental reason why Audi has set record sales in sixteen consecutive months and will continue to register steady and sustainable sales improvements.”

Will Audi join their German rivals at the top?

Audi are clearly making strides in the United States, the world’s biggest luxury car market. All the hype last year was about BMW and Mercedes-Benz, with their battle for the top being one of the most interesting car stories for years. It now appears that Audi are making an impression, increasing the possibility of their being a three way battle in the next few years.