Audi have reported a great increase in sales of 13 per cent in the month of June. The main drivers behind that were the Audi A6, the Audi Q3 and the Audi Q5 SUV.

The CEO of Audi Rupert Stadler has stated that the company is well on track for selling 1.4 million vehicles worldwide in what would be a remarkable achievement.

June saw sales of 133,050 vehicles. German sales had risen by a great 14.6 per cent. In China, Audi saw an increase of 20.4 per cent, the world’s largest car market. In China it appears that models that are fundamentally produced locally are spearheading growth figures. In the world’s second largest car market, the United States, Audi’s sales increased by 26 per cent. That’s an all time personal best for Audi. The battle was largely between BMW and Mercedes-Benz but Audi seem to be catching up. Altogether China and the United States have seen growth of 12.3 per cent in the first half of the year, selling a total of 733,250.

Sales in Europe have been disappointing, even for Audi! They have grown but only by 2.8 per cent. Russian sales increased by 40.9 per cent but did not influence sales overall that well.

Indian sales have increased by 43 per cent for India, one of the world’s best emerging markets. In years to come the Indian market is expected to be one of the most profitable.

BMW’s first half sales increased by 8.1 per cent for the first half. Mercedes-Benz sales increased by 6.5 per cent during the same period.

Stadler has said “Despite a noticeable headwind in the Southern European markets, where Audi performs better than the total market, the brand is growing in all world regions. As a result, we are clearly on course to achieve our target of 1.4 million deliveries by year’s end.”

The rest of the year will be the company’s real test many believe. Second half yearly sales are traditionally a lot poorer. Audi certainly have a tough test on their hands to continue their superb growth figures, especially in Europe where the Euro Zone crisis is crippling the car industry.

Audi are once again showing better growth figures when compared to Mercedes-Benz and the world’s leaders BMW. Audi are now second in the world in terms of sales, fending off BMW.