Audi’s sales in the Middle East have rocketed according to official figures. Although the company are still quite a bit behind German counterparts BMW and Mercedes-Benz in that particular region, the company achieved the highest growth rate.

Sales by region

Audi’s total sales in the region equated to 7,865 in 2011. 40 % of those sales occurred in the UAE. This beats their 2010 record by a huge 26.8 %. A new dealership which recently opened up in Iraq helped to shift a further 128 cars.

Saudi Arabia sold 1,522 cars last year managing to eclipse 2010’s figure by 35.7 %. Kuwait saw a rise of 3.3 % selling a total of 1,060 cars.

Dubai saw 1,887 Audi cars being sold which represented a 39 % increase. Abu Dhabi saw sales of 1,250 Audi’s which represented a huge 42 % increase. This eclipsed BMW’s growth figures by 19 %.


How have Audi increased their market share by such a great amount? They are competing against rival manufacturers and taking some of their customers successfully. Rivals include the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Jaguar, Infiniti as well as Volvo.

Marketing was also a highly influential tool in Audi achieving such a high market share. Their social media campaign brought 100,000 fans on board, which naturally helped sales increase.

Successful models

The Audi Q7 is seen as one of the best luxury SUV’s in the entire region. It stood as Audi’s best selling model once again which total sales reaching 1,588 for the year The Audi Q5, the compact SUV just below the Q7 managed to sell 1,218 which equated to an increase of 8.6 %. The Audi A8 L luxury sedan sales increased by 280.5 % selling 1,484. Sales of the Audi A6 executive sedan managed to grow by 9 % reaching a total of 1,127 for the whole year.

Jeff Mannering

Jeff Mannering, the Managing Director of Audi Middle East said that he expects Audi to continue their success into this year a build on what was a great 2011. He said “In 2012, Audi will continue to capture a significant share of the premium market with new model introductions including the eagerly awaited Audi Q3 and S models, and continued investment from our dealer network.”

Can Audi continue their growth rate into next year?