Today we review the Audi A7, a rare car on the road compared to other Audi but nevertheless quite a spectacular car.

There are many different attributes which the car offers but we take a look at what think believe are the car’s strongest points.


The Audi A7 is essentially a family car, with enough safety and security kit to satisfy anyone. As standard there are six airbags installed. Extras include sophisticated equipment such as lane assistance and blind spot assistance systems. The car does look very expensive and appealing, which naturally attracts thieves. Audi have anticipated such events happening and have made the car very secure and difficult to break into.

Running costs

The car holds its market value very well, meaning you are likely to get your money back if you decide to sell. In terms of fuel costs, all models are quite fuel efficient and won’t set you back as much as you may think.

The 3.0 litre diesel is said to average a superb 47.1 MPG. The front wheel powered version can average around 50 MPG.


We believe a thrilling and exciting performance is offered across the board. The pick of the bunch is probably the 3.0 litre diesel variant which is able to provide a cracking performance and stay efficient at the same time.

The car can deliver a great amount of power through the CVT automatic gearboxes in the diesel variants. The double-clutch S tronic semi automatic A7 variants also allow a great amount of power to be delivered.


The car comes with a great amount of equipment within, meaning drivers who love their gadgets won’t be disappointed.

This includes leather seats, satellite navigation, a powered tailgate as well as heated electric seats, all as standard. The quality sound system comes with a iPod connection as well as a DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity ability.

The options are mainly for the gadget lovers. People who love in car technology can enjoy using Google earth on the satellite navigation.

On top of that, the interior has a stunning design with a great attention to detail, as you would expect with Audi.


The car was simply introduced too early was beyond its years. The fact that the Audi A2 failed to hit its full potential is quite surprising considering the amount of quality features which it contained. Will the concept come back and make up for past times? We hope so.