The Audi A5 TDI Quattro looks like being one of the most desirable diesel coupes in the Australian market. It has been described as a diesel car that is actually enjoyable to drive.

Diesel not usually associated with coupes

Diesel fuel usually powers family vehicles, with owners hoping to get that bit of extra mileage out of them. You don’t usually hear of diesel sports coupes, you usually hear of diesel SUV’s or saloons. However diesel fuelled cars have advanced dramatically over the last few years. Technology now caters for performance diesel vehicles and the Audi A5 Coupe TDI Quattro is testament to that.

A very satisfying drive

The drive of the car is so satisfying that you may mistake it for a petrol vehicle, experts have said. There is no typical noisy diesel sounds or sluggish movements. The drive is wonderfully smooth, quick, sporty and very quiet. When you enough however, the engine does produce a powerful roar.


The Audi A5 Coupe TDI hits 0 – 62 MPH in 6.2 seconds. The wonderful 7 speed dual clutch S Tronic mates perfectly to the powerful engine. Acceleration is effortless. Turbo lag is nonexistent.

Quattro all wheel drive system

Given that the car has a Quattro all wheel drive system, you can expect the A5 to grip the road superbly. Taking corners at speed is made easy. It takes uncomfortable road surfaces and speed bumps without causing any type of displeasure.

Expected to be one the best

Remember this particular Audi has a diesel engine, meaning it is an economical car at the same time. Official figures have not yet been released but the car can produce figures which other rivals coupes can’t.

The same interior

Nothing much has changed within the interior. The design still has the same look and feel but does contain a great amount of class. Optional extras will include satellite navigation, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitors and much more.

The Audi A5 TDI will certainly not come cheap. It has plenty of rivals including to contend with, with all of them being cheaper. These include the BMW 325i coupé AT, Mercedes C250 CDI coupé and the Renault Laguna Coupe V6. The diesel coupe section is an extremely tough market place anywhere throughout the world. Will the Audi A5 TDI Quattro be a success in Australia?