Audi are always thinking big and of new ideas. Now they are using digital technology like no one has ever seen before (apart from movies)

Audi’s new rear view mirror is essentially a glowing mobile phone screen. Whereas most of us haven’t seen this sort of technology in everyday cars, it actually comes from Audi’s R18 hybrid vehicle which races in the 24 hours Le Mans.

This is no concept. The special rear view mirror will be installed within the Audi R8 e-tron. This will be a specialised electric sports coupe, guaranteed to be a ground-breaker. Many car markets will be hoping that are lucky enough to receive such a vehicle. The new Audi R8 will not use the same technology in the way you may expect, as it will not have a rear view. That has been taking up by cooling technology which helps to settle the highly powerful engine, which is sure to be pushed to great limits from time to time.

A rear view camera will be placed at the rear of the Audi. These sophisticated and cleverly placed cameras will feed images to the digital rear view mirror.  Just because there is no rear view it doesn’t mean that the same benefits can’t be experienced.

So what is the difference between a normal rear view mirror and a standard rear view mirror? The drivers receive a lot more benefits. The mobile phone screen digitally receives camera images, giving drivers more awareness and therefore enhancing the safety aspect of driving.  The camera fed images can be de-activated at anytime, according to Audi.

Audi themselves released a statement which read “A control unit produces a consistent high-contrast, brilliant image. During the hours of darkness the intelligent control system prevents dazzle from the headlights of other vehicles. The driver can dim or deactivate the display at any time. Audi is also working on incorporating additional information on the monitor in future,”

Audi’s rear view mirror apparently doesn’t need much power to light up. The feature glows naturally during darker hours. That way there is no need for a back-lit screen. The screen will be adopted from a mobile phone rather than a laptop, making it a more advanced type of screen.

Audi’s rear view mirror is so clever that it is able to filter out the bright lights from following vehicles.