When major companies decide to have a shareholders meeting, then usually, there will big news that follows. Audi in this regard, are no different. In their most recent shareholders meeting, the luxury German outfit have revealed that they will be producing an all electric vehicle a year starting from 2018.

This comes as huge news for Audi, who at this moment in time, only have one all electric car in their range. With only the A3 E-tron Sportsback available, Audi have stated that this new plan will not be limited to a specific badge. So, we can expect to see an all electric update of some of their vehicles on sale right now.


Although, it has been confirmed by Audi that the first vehicle they will produce will be an all electric SUV. This SUV, which is currently dominating the automotive market, is rumoured to have a range of over 300 miles and, be called the Q6 E-tron. Other than that, there is no other information available to us at this time other than it will be produced in the company’s battery production plant in Hungary.

This news comes at a time whereby one of the Audi bosses has called for a global fast-charge system to be unveiled. Whilst the head of Audi US has argued that by 2025, one in four Audi’s will have a plug in system. It most certainly seems as if Audi’s drive towards all electric is twofold. Firstly, the market is shifting towards this phenomenon and Audi are far behind its Mercedes and BMW rivals. Secondly, Audi must surely be trying to steer itself as far away from the Volkswagen emissions scandal, considering VW is their parent company. Either way, it is very clever business on behalf of Audi.

If Audi manage to create an all electric car a year from 2018, it will be very impressive. The hardest part of this project will definitely be the selling of these vehicles to Audi’s already rather niche luxury market.