The release of the Audi Q2 will be upon us sooner rather than later as the countdown to the winter begins (sorry). So, this winter will see the release of the Audi Q2.

All vehicles are tested by motoring journalists from all over the world, and then written about in order to create a buzz surrounding the vehicle. So, the vehicle, which apparently is 99% complete, has been tested in Cuba. Testing in Cuba already is a massive step for the German company and Cuba. Previously, the socialist state didn’t have an open car market and therefore, Audi is the first automotive company to test the vehicle in the country, pretty good going Audi. But what about the Q2 then?


Well the Audi Q2 is a five door new sub-compact SUV which takes its design cues from the Audi A3. The vehicle is therefore set to fill a gap in the market which is currently occupied by the likes of the Nissan Juke. The Q2 shares a platform with the much bigger Audi A3 and in order to combat the size, the new Q2 has taken a more squatted approach to its design. The only design problem with the vehicle is that when looking at it from certain angles, it does look as if it is two vehicles are welded together.

The interior also takes its design cues from the A3. But, the differences made are subtle but, make a massive impact. By adding an ‘SUV’ touch to the cabin, it certainly feels cleaner, more user friendly and also much larger in comparison.

The vehicle will have the option of five different engine sizes which range from a 1.0 litre turbo three-cylinder engine to 2.0 litre TDI’s, Quattro’s with four wheel drive offered as an optional extra.

The standard vehicle will come equipped with 16inch rims, MMI radio, 7inch TFT Screen, air conditioning  and breaking and pedestrian recognition driving assistance technologies. Rumoured to start from around £26,000 the Q2 is a good car, but it isn’t as extravagant as many would have liked in a model which Audi have to strongly compete in.