TRex-loves-Audi-self-driving-carIn Audi’s latest online spot, aimed at promoting the company’s forthcoming driverless cars, a depressed T-Rex rediscovers his zeal.

The adverts, geared towards making the technology seem relevant to real people, have been created by Razorfish and directed by Stink’s Stephen Wever. They show the once ferocious dinosaur trying to make sense of the modern world and having a subsequent identity crisis as a result. A humiliating internet Youtube clips goes viral and the poor T-Rex is besieged with people laughing at his small arms. Not even able to join in with any sports, the dinosaur becomes depressed. Then a chance encounter with a self driving Audi changes his life, and he finds there’s technology even a short armed T-Rex can enjoy.

The impressive visual effects featured in the short film were handled by German animation studio Sehsucht. Their head of VFX Florian Zachau, said their hardest task was to make a dinosaur look dejected: “The biggest challenge was to make the dinosaur look depressed. A T-Rex is a rather stiff character and there is not a lot of variety on expression and gestures the animators could use in order to bring out the sadness. The interview scene in particular was not easy. There is a very thin line between making it look natural rather than awkward.” Praise for the film has been fairly gushing so far with overwhelming praise being lavished on it on social media.

Decide whether you think they succeeded by watching the film.

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