When you go on holiday, and fork out £52 for ‘safe and secure’ parking to a private car parking firm, the least you expect is that your set of wheels will be well looked after whilst you’re away enjoying yourself.

That was certainly the plan when Chris Holl, from Tipton, paid Diamond Airport Parking (a trading name of service operator Car Park Manchester) before he jetted off on his hols.

After returning from their break into Manchester Airport at 3am, Chris and his wife Louise were kept waiting for four hours while the firm’s parking attendants attempted to retrieve his car.

Chris was horrified to spot his car, alongside ‘hundreds’ of others in what appeared to be an unsecured field near the airport. He even managed to film the moment when the attendants appeared to hose down his mud covered car before handing the keys over.

Civil engineer Chris, said: “I was very angry when I saw the state of my car and where it was parked.

“I kept thinking, ‘who in their right mind would dump cars in a field?’”

At first, the wait made Chris think his car had been stolen, but after contacting the local police, he found out that he was one of several holidaymakers to have had similar experiences.

Chris said: “I rang the police and one officer who came out said he didn’t want to upset me but one woman had waited for five hours to get her car back.

“When I finally got hold of them I told them I wanted to see my motor – alarm bells were ringing at this stage – he just kept saying ‘believe me, believe me’.

“When we got there were tyre tracks all over the place – the mud was a good foot deep – it was absolutely ridiculous.

“My car was in a right state but thankfully there were no scratches on it.”

Chris had booked with Diamond Airport Parking, through price comparison site, Ezybook – who have since refunded him and started an investigation.

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