Photo: The Mirror

It’s a novel way of teaching your daughter a lesson, but Mike Card decided the best way to punish his daughter after he’d caught her with “someone in the car that shouldn’t have been” was to use his digger to crush her £10,000 Audi A4.

In a viral clip that has spread like wildfire, Mr Card can be seen attacking the sportscar with his JCB. His son Kaylor, filmed the rampage and tweeted the clip with the hashtag: #daddynothappy.

What Ashlyn Card did to have so irked her father is unclear but it’s safe to say that a repeat performance is unlikely to happen, at least not in the Audi at any rate.

Mr Card’s anger must have been something to behold when you consider the car he went ballistic on actually belonged to him. The clip was uploaded to Facebook and has subsequently been viewed over 354,000 times.

Neither Mike nor Ashlyn Card was available for comment.

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